Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Canvas Starts...

Inspired by the story of another Hans Christian called the Galatia based in the Seattle area we started down the path of updating the exterior canvas.  The older canvas had been added in the mid-1990's and was showing wear and tear.  Both of us had watched the videos of the make over of the Galatia, and after meeting with the Sunbrella reps at the Seattle boat show decided to go for the same color schemes on the exterior.

We contacted Josh at Hayden Island Canvas to do the remake of canvas covers for us.  Josh has done canvas, and dodger builds on three of the last four boats I have owned. After work tonight we decided to drive over to see how Josh was coming along.

Standing in front of of the ongoing work

Raw materials before the dodger build

Dodger and Bimini Canvas Ready for installation tomorrow

Josh has great attention to detail.  Here's a close up of the dodger cover for example, notice the stitching, the leather scuff guards for the lines, the trim work, all very nicely done.

Close up of the dodger canvas

Of course Josh never misses the chance to sign his artwork.

Tomorrow the Bimini and the dodger will be installed, while the shop works on the new sail bags...

After leaving the shop it was nice to stroll over to the boat to check on it, and we were surprised to the wheel cover had already been done.

Opening day is coming here in Portland and we have the goal of having the CarolMarie, ready and bristol for the opening day sail.