Monday, March 30, 2015

Video for the SI-TEX Radar dome

Here's the video for the SI-TEX Radar dome

Special thanks to Jeff Cramer for making it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Working too much, but progressing updates of the CarolMarie for the 2015 season

Updates of the CarolMarie continue but I am working to much and traveling to much for work to take pictures.   Here's the updates to the ship so far for this season:

Radar: After a great deal of pounding the keys, searching on the web I found a SI-TEX MDS8 radar sensor to work with the Standard Horizon 300CP Chart plotter.   Well actually after trying to find one on the web I had no success, but Portland Marine Electronics pulled some strings and actually found me one.   The PME people were awesome to work with, and didn't give up until they found one for me. I hire our friend Richard to mount the dome and route the cables.  He's done this and done the connections to the chart plotter, but I haven't been able to sit down with him to see the connections and how they work.

Jib Roller Furler: Charing finally got the new jib, and roller furler over to North Sails in Portland to install them.  The new jib was made with hanks, so it needs to be converted to luff tape, and add the UV cover to it.  It all should be done by mid-March.

Bottom Savers:  We made the templates for the bottom saver cushions for the cockpit.  I have sent them off and expect to hear from the factory soon.

Cabin Cushions:  Josh called this week from Hayden Island Canvas, he's started building new cabin cushions for the settee.  He expected a couple of weeks to be completed.

USB Connection to CP:I have added a USB connection to the Chart Plotter so the Macbook laptop we have connects to the chart plotter.  We used the NMEA USB cable from Digital Yacht.

Engine Serviced:We had the oil changed in the engine, and updated the starter battery to a new for the season with a little more cranking power.  

In the end there is a lot going on in updating the CarolMarie for the season, she's looking really go and almost ready to go.