Thursday, November 7, 2013

Winterized the CarolMarie, OUPV Classes, and Engine Maintenance

Last weekend we pulled off the mainsail, staysail and jib.  We brought them home to the garage for safe keeping.  Not that they'd be stolen, but more from a being safe from the winter storms here in Portland, and the mold/mildew that comes in the spring.

We had the local diesel mechanic out at the same time to change the oil, oil filter and the fuel filter.  He said the fuel filter was the original one that came on the boat.  That was surprising because the engine is now 33 years oil, and the filter was still working.  She had no oil leaks which the mechanic also said was amazing given the age of the motor.

We shut off the LP gas too.  Hooked up the dehumidifier, and the anti-freeze heater.

I went over to see Kim then at Columbia Marina Exchange.   I picked up a gently used copy of Charlie's Charts for Mexico, we are beginning to plan for the trip south.

I also signed up for the OUPV License class here in Portland at Columbia Pacific Maritime.  The class begins in the last weeks of December and there is a rush of stuff to do before the class.  The list includes getting a Transportation Worker ID Card, taking a physical, getting letters of reference, and taking a drug test.

I better get busy.....