Monday, August 6, 2018

Been putting a lot of work into her not much sailing or writing....

The Ocean Institute at Dana Point every year throws an incredible event called the  Tall Ship's Festival (  The festival includes cannon battles, parades of ships, mermaids, concerts, sails & ales and a host of other things.

The wonderful and beautiful first mate waited in line for a slip for us six months ago, getting the best slip in the event.  With all that pressure we wanted the Carolmarie to look her best for the September event.  First we pulled off all the stantions.   

And then began sanding the caprail in preparation for another three coats of Bristol Epoxy.

Thank god for Katie and Uncle Keni, the two of them went at it for three days, sanding, varnishing, rinse and repeat.

I worked on embedding the chainplates again, they'd leaked coming down the coast.

We finished off the varnish on the side boards with polysulfide chalk between the boards and the hull to set them off a bit.

We cleaned the fenders, finished the interior cockpit varnishing, and cleaned her up.

Now looking back from the day I bought her until now she's has really transformed.