Monday, March 18, 2013

More pictures and first sail of the 2013

Well the CarolMarie is getting better looking every day.

She has her new dinghy cover.....

She has her new front hatch cover....

She got new wench covers....

The final dodger, with new ring bout and new life sling.  

So with everything done we picked up Jim, Isaac and Jonah and went out for a hour with the old main sail up.

 Jim on the phone to Linda
Jonah and Isaac under the new dodger with the main sail up.

We made about 3 knots against the current for an hour, then turned back to the Marina, sailing for an hour and half in total.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Progress is showing....

Well finally the changes are starting to be visible.  New horseshoe buoy, new Lifering, new dodger, and Bimini, new pedestal cover, new hatch cover, new cowls, new fenders, cleaning the teak rail, cleaning the cap rail, new sail bag......

new fender with cleaned side boards

new cowl and dodger

new hatch covers

new sail bag

new Bimini, and bridge cover

new life ring, pedestal cover, and horseshoe buoy

clean cap rail...

We added matching lines, and new boat hooks.  She's still got a way to go but there is now visible progress.