Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Little Boat Projects

Recently I have been spending my evenings doing little boat projects as we wait for the next cruise.

The first project came to me from Mike on S/V Faith Rider, in our marina.  It was such a great idea I had to make one myself.   Basically, there are a few dinghy boxes around and they all act as seats, for the back of the dinghy.  Mike told me about one for sale over at Sexton's which I snatched up for a cool $60.  I bought a couple of screws and a stainless steel hinge too for $12.00.  Then I picked up a $29.99 cooler seat in the clearance bin.

The dinghy box had it's lid replaced by the previous owner with an old cutting board.  We bought a new one and cut it to size.  Then mounted the hinge and the new lid to the box.  Then velcro'ed the seat on top.   The result is seen in the photo's below.

Dinghy box opened up
Dinghy box closed.
So for $102 I got a perfect box to fit my needs.  When I last looked WM was charging over 200 for just the box.

The next project was adding gimbaled cup holders for the crew, under the dodger.  easy enough and they will be fun to use later in the year.

The final one was test fitting our toilet into the V area on the boat.

Room behind the Toilet where the old seat was.

Toilet near position, needs to be back a little further.

So the toilet is ready to be installed.  We will meet with Garry soon to do the installation.  It's going to be looking good for the next cruise later in the month of April.

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