Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Commissioning - Getting Masters MMC Credentials - Captain with no crew

Busy week doing boat stuff this week.  First, with Jim from S/V Ranidan I finished my coursework for the Ship Master's License of less than 100 tons, Sailing Aux. and towing credentials.  My next step is to turn it all into the US Coast Guard Offices next week.

On a separate note this is the teaser weather in Oregon.  Every year in Oregon, in mid to let February we get two weeks of nice brisk spring weather with no rain. After that two week period, the rain comes, and doesn't leave until July.  I call it the teaser weather; because that's when the local companies will invite job candidates out to Oregon for interviews.  This Sunday it looked like we might just have that teaser weather. 

Just like Ishmael in Moby Dick, I could take it no longer and sent out a call for crew.  I got no reply, to my call for crew.  I put the sails in the car, (storing them in the garage for the winter) and headed to the marina to bend them on.  Of course my good friend Jim was already there, willing to help.   We bent on the main and the jibs.

Jim and I trek'ed over to Westmarine to pick up a pre-paid coupon for  The dinghy needed renewal stickers this year, and these guys have a great way to get the registration numbers on the PVC tubing to stick.  Their solution is this nice piece of printed PVC rubber with the numbers on it.  When I got home from the day I ordered them on line.  The process was easy; stay tuned to learn more about how they go on.

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